Tandem skydiving

Strapped to one of Skydive Egypt's professional USPA rated Tandem Instructors, now you can sing like flying birds do while experiencing free fall from 14,000 or 10,000 feet altitude with speeds up-to 200 Km/h over the last existing Wonder of The Ancient World, The Great Pyramids of Giza.
• 14K feet altitude (20,000 EGP instead of 25,000)
• 10K feet altitude (15,000 EGP instead of 20,000 EGP)
• Handcam video is included, outside camera is available at an extra fee.


• Skydiving is a weather dependent activity; Skydive Egypt has the right to cancel operations due to unfavorable weather conditions.
• Passengers aged 16 and 17 must have written parental or legal guardian approval and must show-up with them on their jump day.
• Passengers aged 18+ must provide a valid National ID or a Passport.
• Wearing sportswear is the most comfy choice for your jump.
• Weight limits are 100 KG for men and 85 KG for women.
• Let us know if you have any medical conditions to advise you.
• NO alcohol or drugs in your system 24 hours prior to your jump!
• NO Scuba Diving for 24 hours prior to your jump!
• Tandem Jump tickets are NONREFUNDABLE!!

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